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John Deere B Parts


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John Deere B Parts Tractor  (1946) sn 193621 Early Styled 

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The John Deere B Was built from 1935 - 1952. They built 136,863 of the early-styled John Deere B tractors. It had a larger engine and new sheet metal.





Have 1 AB4233R Air Cleaner $75.00
1 B217R Camshaft $100.00  
1 B3711R Camshaft Gear $50.00 46T
Sold All AB2752R Crankshaft $150.00  
Sold All   Crankshaft Pulley $0.00 none used on this tractor
Sold All AB2711R Carburetor $210.00 DLTX 18
Have 1 AB2717 Connecting Rod $125.00  
Sold All AB4204 Cylinder Head $200.00  
Sold All AB2729R Cylinder Block $475.00  
Sold All AB2846R Exhaust Manifold $100.00  
Have 1 0044k3 Fuel Strainer   AC Made in England
Have 1 B1767R Governor Asy $75.00 damaged, Casting # b1767
Have 1 b2630r Governor Case $95.00  
Sold All X3043 Magneto $180.00  
Sold All   Oil Pan    
Have 2 A522R Oil Filter Asy $20.00 jd 50 also
Sold All B1746R Oil Pump Asy $50.00  
Have 2 B206R Rocker Arm Asy $95.00  
Have 2 B1747R Tappet Cover $15.00  
Have 1 AB3300R Fan Asy $100.00
  B1141R Housing $75.00  
Sold All   No Water Pump Used $0.00  
1 AB3599R

Radiator (complete)

$150.00 Sides B1804R, B1803R Bottom Tank
Have 2 AB2756 Flywheel $75.00 B1952R, AB2892R, AB705R
Have 1 ab3932r Clutch Brake Asy $100.00 b168r, ab262r, b171r, b172r
Have 1 B1858R First Reduction Gear Cover $75.00
Have 1 ab2946r Shifter Shaft   B1980r

Overdrive Shift Lever

Have 1 ab313r Overdrive Fork Asy $20.00 b376r
Have 1 ab2771r 2nd & 4th Fork Asy $20.00 b1852r, sn Break
Have 1 ab2770r 1st, 3rd & Reverse Fork Asy $45.00 b1891r, sn Break
Have 1 B1881R

Gear Shift Lever


Gear Shift Quadrant

Have 1 AB1422R


$45.00 sn ab2954r
Have 1 b329r 1st Countershaft Gear $40.00 b1899r, sn Break, 28T
Have 1 b1868r 2nd Countershaft Speed Gear $30.00 25T, sn Break
Have 1 B1909R

Gear, 5th & 6th Speed

$70.00 29T, AB4143R
Have 1 b1913r 5th & 6th Shifter Arm $20.00 sn Break
Have 1 AB2843R

Shaft, Sliding

$45.00 sn Break
Have 1 ab4160r Gear & Shaft $75.00 sn Break, 26T, 20T, b1874r
Have 1 B341R

Gear, Pinion 1st, 3rd & Reverse

$35.00 17T, AB4183R, sn Break
Have 1 B343R

Gear, Pinion Sliding

$30.00 20T, AB4192R, sn Break

Gear, 1st Reduction

$60.00 B240R, AB32312R
Have 1 ab4186r Gear, 2nd & 4th Sliding $30.00 sn Break, b1873r
Have 1 ab4195r Beveled Gear Pinion Drive Shaft $40.00 b1975r
Have 1 B1862r

Countershaft Idler Gear

$45.00 19T, 25T, AB4127R, sn Break
Have 1 B1910R

Gear, Pinion 5th & 6th Sliding

$50.00 16T, AB4190R
  B1894R Gear Housing $65.00  

Transmission Case

Have 1 ab1272r

Power Lift Housing

$150.00 b1150r
0 B307R

Power Shaft

Have 1 b1760r Power Shaft Shifter $20.00 PTO, sn Break
Have 1 b1974r Power Shaft Sliding Gear Shaft $45.00 15T
  B1758R Power Shaft Bevel Gear $80.00 AB4148R
Have 1 B1757R

Power Shaft Sliding Gear

$40.00 22T, AB4154R, 10 Splines, PTO
Have 1 aa1103 Power Valve Housing $100.00 Casting# a1430r

Steering Shaft w Worm

$150.00 AB1520R
0 b13952 Steering Sector Gear $80.00  
  AB3106R Steering Pedestal $260.00  
0   Steering Box    
  B1395R Steering Sector $80.00 AB4199R
  AB863R Spindle Asy $250.00  
  AB1509R Front Support $100.00  
  B918R Front Hub $70.00 AB1022R
Have 1 ab4181r Differential Pinion $30.00 sn Break, b1869r
Have 1 AB4134R

Differential Asy

$100.00 AB1521R, b1398r
Have 1 b1423r Bevel Gear $70.00  
Have 1 AB3178

Axle Housing

$140.00 B1301R
Have 1 AB1331R

Rear Axle Shaft

Have 1 AB4141R Final Drive Gear $50.00 B1184R
Have 1   Drawbar    
Sold All AB4080R Generator $75.00  
Sold All B1030R Generator Pulley $50.00  
Have 1 ab1534r Grill $80.00
1 ab3092r Hood $100.00 ab2750, pic on Hood Page
1 ab3557R Hood $80.00 pic on Hood Page
None AB4093R Starter $80.00  
None B1938R Starter Cover $90.00  
  A60R Seat Asy


None   Tachometer    

Brake Housing

$160.00 B1897R
  B1898R Brake Drum $190.00  

Brake Shaft Pedal

  B236R Brake Pedal RH $60.00  
  B237R Brake Pedal LH $45.00  
  B234R Brake Pinion $60.00  
  AB3209R Belt Pulley $250.00  
Have 1 b15445r Cast Wheel $275.00  
Have 1 b2622r Pedal Shaft $20.00  
Have 1 b2623r Pedal Shaft $20.00  
Have 1 b1319r Shaft, Differential $50.00  
Have 2 b184r Bevel Pinion Gear $15.00  
Have 1 ab4110r Spacer $15.00 b1864r

John Deere B Air Cleaner $75.00  ab4233r, ab1624r,  ab1525r, b1388r, ab1463r

John Deere B 1st Reduction Gear b884r $60.00

John Deere B Hub Clamp b1189r $20.00

John Deere B Breather Stand Tube ab232r $20.00

John Deere B Fork b911r $20.00

John Deere B Differential Pinion ab4181r, b1869r, 17t $30.00

John Deere B 1st, 3rd, Reverse Gear b341r 17t $35.00

John Deere B Sliding Pinion b343r $30.00

John Deere B Sliding Shaft ab2843r $45.00

John Deere B Spacer b1864, ab4110r $15.00

John Deere B Shifter 1st, 3rd, reverse, b1891r $45.00

John Deere B Shifter b376r $20.00

John Deere B Shifter Lever b1881r $25.00

John Deere B Governor Housing b2630r, Casting # b1767r,  $95.00

John Deere B Governor Asy b3284r Shaft, b2632r Gear $75.00

John Deere B Fan Asy ab 1518r, ab1519r $100.00

John Deere B Flywheel ab2756 $75.00

John Deere B 1858r 1st Reduction Cover $75.00

John Deere B Clutch Brake Asy $100.00

 b168r Fork, ab262r Brake Pulley, ab3935r , b171r, b172r

John Deere B Plug Wires and Guard ab828r $40.00

John Deere B Sliding PTO Gear b1757r $40.00

John Deere B Right Hand Grill ab1534 $80.00

John Deere B Gear b1899r $40.00

John Deere B Power Shaft Drive and Coupling ab347r $100.00

John Deere B Countershaft ab2954r $45.00

John Deere B 5th and 6th Speed Gear b1909r $70.00

John Deere B Gear Shaft b1975 $40.00

John Deere B Gear Shaft Asy b1874r, ab4160r $75.00

John Deere B Housing with Gears a817r $40.00

John Deere B Shaft Asy b1974r $45.00

John Deere B Countershaft Idler Gear b1862r  $45.00

John Deere B Manifold Elbow b1408r $15.00

Please contact us if you are interested in a specific tractor part  even if it is not listed.  Whenever possible Original or Manufacturer's Part Numbers are used. Satisfaction is guaranteed on most parts for up to 90 days, this does not include freight.  The warranty does not cover original manufacturer warranty. Prices subject to change without notice.