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International Harvester B250 Parts

These British Built International Harvester B250's Were Produced From 1956 Thru 1961 and rated @ 30hp

They used a BD-144 diesel engines that were also used in B275, 276, 354, 2300A Industrials As Well As The TD-5 Crawler and 500 Crawler

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International Harvester B250 Parts   (2)


Sold All 706219R910 Air Cleaner Asy $60.00  
Have 1 703811R2 Camshaft $100.00  
Sold All 703812R1 Camshaft Gear $100.00 66T
  704088R91 Connecting Rod ea. $45.00  
  703845R11 Crankcase Cover $50.00  
Sold All 703864R21 Crankshaft $300.00  
Sold All 707327R1 Crankshaft Pulley $70.00  
  703826R21 Engine Block $400.00  
Sold All   Fuel Filter Asy $25.00  
Sold All 703872R93 Cylinder Head $200.00  
Sold All   Idler $40.00  
Sold All   Injector Line $20.00  
Sold All 706235R91 Injector Pump $270.00  
Have 1 705431r Injector $40.00  
Have 1 705419R1 Injector Pump Drive Gear $60.00  
Have 1 704163R21 Manifold Exhaust $20.00  
  706232R1 Manifold Intake $50.00  
Sold All   Oil Filter Asy 35.00  
Sold All 704712R11 Oil Pan $55.00  
Have 2 704105R Oil Pump $85.00 Casting # 712093R1
Sold All   Rocker Asy $70.00  
Have 3 703843r1 Timing Cover $30.00  
Sold All   Throttle Rod $10.00  
Have 2 703894R11 Valve Cover Asy $30.00  
Sold All 704283R91 Radiator $185.00  
Sold All 703820R91 Water Pump $50.00  
  707708R1 Driving Shaft $110.00  
  707324R1 1st & 2nd Gear $75.00  
  706461R1 3rd & 4th Speed Gear $120.00  
  706462R1 4th & 5th Sliding Gear $80.00  
  707323R1 1st & Rev Sliding Gear $95.00  
  706460R1 2nd & 3rd Sliding Gear $100.00  
Sold All   Clutch Disc $180.00  
Sold All 751049R1 Clutch Fork $0.00  
  703955R3 Clutch Housing $250.00  
Sold All   Clutch Pedal Shaft $10.00  
  703975R1 Countershaft $150.00  
Sold All 703867R93 Flywheel $150.00  
  707709R1 Constant Mesh Gear $130.00  
  707322R1 Reverse Idler Gear $45.00  
  703970R31 Shift Cover & Shift Lever w/rails $115.00  
Sold All   Shift Fork $25.00  
Sold All   Throwout Bearing $50.00  
  711235R1 Transmission Back Cover $110.00  
  703965R11 Transmission Case $350.00  
Sold All   Control Knob Asy $60.00  
Sold All   Control Valve $150.00  
Sold All 704330R91 Hydraulic Pump $165.00  
Sold All 704380R1 Depth Control Support $60.00  
Sold All   Lift Arm $50.00  
Have 1 704361R1 Lift Arm Asy $95.00  
  704274R21 Lift Housing $300.00  
Sold All   Lift Link $430.00  
Have 1 704332R Manifold Hydraulic Tube (Suction) $40.00  
Have 1 704334R Manifold Hydraulic Tube (Pressure) $30.00  
  704624R92 Power Lift Valve $150.00  
  707760R1 Rockshaft $60.00  
Sold All   Sway Chain $5.00  
  706409R92 Front Axle Center $150.00  
  704069R12 Front Axle Extension $50.00  
Sold All 704082R91 Front Spindle $120.00  
Have 1 704081r Front Spindle RH $195.00  
  706408R3 Front Support $200.00  
  704080R1 Spindle Arms $50.00  
Sold All   Steering Box    
Sold All   Steering Gear Asy (Complete) $350.00  
Sold All 703902R1 Bull Gear $160.00  
Have 1 703905R21 Differential Bearing Retainer $100.00  
    Differential Case w/Ring & Pinion $700.00  
  704022R91 Draw Bar Frame $100.00  
Sold All 704383R11 PTO Shaft $200.00 Lever & Lever Sleeve
Sold All 703909R1 Rear Axle Housing LH $150.00  
Sold All 703910R1 Rear Axle Housing RH $150.00  
Sold All 703918R21 Rear Axle $225.00  
Sold All   Rear Axle (Complete) $375.00  
Sold All 704611R3 Dash Panel $30.00  
Sold All   Emblems $80.00  
  704044R94 Fender $170.00  
  704043R93 Fender $100.00  
  707534R11 Fuel Tank Front Support $15.00  
  704527R41 Fuel Tank Rear Support $20.00  
Sold All   Alternator    
Sold All 700725R92 Generator $50.00  
Sold All 706685R92 Glow Plug Indicator $17.50  
Sold All 704139R92 Grill $100.00  
Sold All 704123R93 Hood $180.00  
Sold All   Seat $0.00  
Sold All   Tachometer    
  707296R11 Left Platform $35.00  
Have 1 707297R Right Platform $30.00 3069462r1
Sold All 704447R91 Starter $75.00  
Have 1 704426R21 Brake Disc Asy $75.00  
  704430R2 Brake Housing $45.00  
  703938R12 Brake Pedal $35.00  
  704760R1 Brake Shaft ea. $155.00  


Please contact us if you are interested in a specific tractor part  even if it is not listed.  Whenever possible Original or Manufacturer's Part Numbers are used. Satisfaction is guaranteed on most parts for up to 90 days, this does not include freight.  The warranty does not cover original manufacturer warranty. Prices subject to change without notice.