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Ford 6000 Parts



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1964 Ford 6000 Parts Tractor it has a 242 cid diesel engine, 

10 speed select-o-speed transmission, power steering, and power disc brakes.  

They made this tractor from 1961 to 1967

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  Part # Ford 6000 Used Price  
Sold All C3NN-9600-B Air Cleaner $90.00  
  C5NN-6010 Diesel Cylinder Block $500.00  
Sold All C0NN-6049 Cylinder Head $375.00  
Have 1 C0NN-6019 Front Engine Cover $35.00 c11584
  C0NN-6200-B Connect Rod $80.00  
Sold All C3NN-6303 Crankshaft $280.00  
Sold All C3NN-6316 Crankshaft Pulley $30.00  
Sold All C0NN-6250 Camshaft $50.00  
Have 1 C0NN-6274-F Camshaft Gear $45.00  
Sold 1   Connect Rod $85.00  
Sold 1   Piston $50.00  
Sold All C5NN-9A543 Simms Injector Pump $925.00  
Sold All DDN993157DR Injector $40.00  
Sold All   Fuel Lift Pump $20.00  
Sold All C3NN-6676 Oil Pan $100.00  
Sold All C3AE-6600 Oil Pump Assy. $100.00  
Have 1 C0NN-9430b Exhaust Manifold $95.00 (Diesel)
Have 1 C0NN-9425c Intake Manifold $50.00 (Diesel)
Sold All   Rocker Arm Asy    
Sold All C3NN-6582-C Valve Cover $20.00  
  C0NN-8005-G Radiator $185.00  
Sold All C0NN-8501 Water Pump $55.00  
Sold All C5NN-6375 Flywheel $100.00 C0NN-6375
Sold All   Transmission Case $0.00  
Sold All CFPN-7B496-E Input Shaft Asy $310.00  
Sold All C5NN7797A Select o Speed $210.00  
Sold All C7NN7B451A Select o Speed $120.00  
Sold All C5NN-7-A091-Y Control Valve $300.00  
Sold All C0NN-7C135-A Control Selector Asy $100.00 C0NN-7B053-A
Have 1 C0nn-928-b Remote Valve Asy    
Sold All C3NN-838 Rockshaft $120.00  
Sold All C0NN-838 Hydraulic Lift Arm $75.00  
Sold All C0NN-545 Hydraulic Lift Ram Arm $50.00  
Sold All C0NN-A856 Hydraulic Lift Housing Asy. $270.00  
Sold All C3NN-C873 Lower Lift Link Asy $95.00  
Sold All C3NN-875 Hydraulic Reservoir Asy. $185.00  
Sold All C5NN-9A543 Hydraulic Pump $225.00  
Sold All   Quadrant $50.00  
Sold All C0NN-1104 Hub Asy, Front $60.00  
Sold All C3NN-3212 Front Pedestal Asy. $300.00  
Sold All C0NN-3A446-A Front Axle/Rear Frame Pivot $85.00  
Sold All C3NN-4235 Power Steering Pump $245.00  
Sold All   Steering Gear Box with Motor $360.00  
Sold All   PTO Shaft $120.00  
Sold All C3NN-4010 Rear Axle Shaft $300.00  
Sold All C3NN-4202 Rear Axle Housing $300.00  
Sold All CONN-544 Differential & Driven Gear Asy. $420.00 c0nn-544
Sold All CONN-805 Drawbar $80.00 c0nn-805
Sold All   Alternator $60.00  
Sold All   Emblem $50.00  
Sold All   Instrument Panel $0.00  
Sold All C3NN-5015-A Frame RH    
Sold All C3NN-5016-A Frame LH    
Sold All CONN-6A060-E Front Support   c0nn-6a060-e
Sold All C5NN-16312-L Fender RH $70.00  
Sold All C5NN-16313-L Fender LH $70.00  
Sold All CONN-11001 Starter $100.00  
Sold All   Tachometer &  Cable $0.00  
Sold All C3NF-10002 Generator $60.00  
Have 1 CONN-13068-B Headlight Asy $85.00 1306816B754, c0nn-13068-b
Sold All C5NN-161858 Hood $185.00 Ships By Truck
Sold All CONN-16949-B Hood Rear $70.00 c0nn-16949-b
Have 1 CONN-16639-D Hood Rear Top $55.00 c0nn-16a618-a
Sold All CONN-16A618-A Hood Front Nose $120.00 To 1964, conn-16a618-a
Sold All   Seat $0.00  
Sold All CONN-16A886-A Hood Side Front RH $45.00 c0nn-16a886-a
Sold All CONN-16A887-A Hood Side Front LH $45.00 c0nn-16a887-a
Sold All C3NN-2A064 Power Brake Valve Asy $145.00  
Sold All CONN-2453 Pedal RH $35.00 c0nn-2453-d
Sold All CONN-2456 Pedal LH $35.00 c0nn-2456-d
Ford 6000

c0nn9430b Exhaust Manifold $95.00

Casting # c0nn9430e

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